Scalene (2011)

Director : Zack Parker
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Margo Martindale as Janice Trimble, Hanna Hall as Paige Alexander, Adam Scarimbolo as Jakob Trimble, Jim Dougherty as Charles, LaDonna Pettijohn as Mrs. Alexander, Raymond Kester as Mr. Alexander, Sean Blodgett as Public Defender, Angela Steele as City Prosecutor, Frank T. Ziede as Dr. Khamis, Mark A. Nash as Daniel Trimble, Eric Monroe as Butch, Micah Shane Ballinger as Jimmy, Benjamin Riley as Jason, Samantha Eileen DeTurk as Waitress, Alli Miller as Paige Friend 1, Stephanie Lochbihler as Paige Friend 2, Nubia Tamayo Perez as Paige Friend 3, Stefania Marcone as Hostess, Megan Brehm as Girl in classroom, Jennifer Bales as Doctor 2, Gloria Dixon as Nurse 1, Barb Easley as Polce Officer 1, William R. Free as EMT 2, Troy Gibbs as EMT 1, Mike Khamis as Doctor 1, Jack Mehaffie as Jakob Friend 2, Natalie Norris as Nurse 2, Aaron Stevens as Olice Officer 2, Dustin Swonder as Jakob Friend 1
Plot : A psychological thriller informed savours three points-of-view spiraling near to the rape of a lady college student by a emotionally handicapped man also his mother’s future settling of scores following his incarceration.
Run Time : 103min
Country : USA
Company : Along The Tracks

Scalene (2011)
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