Walking Against the Wind (2013/I)

A mime, a punk teenager, as in any case as a without a friend in the world housewife take care of a quickly bereavement inside the family.
Director : Brendan Flynn
Genre : Drama
Cast : Tom Ricciardelli as Frank Aspen Day Flynn as Frank`s Daughter Jaime Mastromonica as Betty Philipp Aurand as Reuben Bogdan Darev as Restaurant Manager Jeff Waggoner as Busker Jonathan Hughes as Skateboarder, DJ Mariya Apostolova as Franks`s Wife
Run Time : 81 min
Country : USA
Company :
Release Date : 2012 More...

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Etreum la Película (2013)

Director : Javier Teran
Genre : Drama
Cast : Javier B. Suarez as Etreum, Fernando Ricaldi as Cura, Javier Teran as Manuel, Abelino Paucar as Kallawaya, Camila Berbetty as Niña, Farah Rahib as Rosario, Carlos Saldias as Niño, Mariel Cornejo as Reportera, Edgar Pol as Jefe, Estefanía Sensano as Periodista, Pamela Gutiérrez as Mujer de la Tierr
Run Time : 80 min
Country : Bolivia
Company : Professional and La Casona
Release Date : 2012 More...

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Dark Tarot (2013)

Four prosperous realm confederacy wives draw near to an bare mansion to solicited on the chronicle of a deceased compilation boy who they the entirety competent romances with. Once there, a Goth vigor average hired to affright one another really opens the gate to the assorted geographical region also the ghost of the deceased refuses to allow somebody quit in anticipation of he finishes examining the entirety his cards.

Four moneyed nation-state confederacy wives crop up to an blank mansion to requested on the data of a deceased collection boy who they everything tried and true relationships with…
Director :
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Jade Elysan as Liz, Susan More...

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Die Präsenz (2013)

Markus spends various span as well as his female friend Rebecca also colleague Lukas inside Hohnau castle which is uninhabited also presupposed to troth haunted. For two of one another it`s the very last existence of their lifes.
Director : Daniele Grieco
Genre : Horror
Cast : Liv Lisa Fries as Rebecca Matthias Dietrich as Markus Henning Nöhren as Lukas
Run Time : 80 min
Country : Germany
Company : Stella Maris Film
Release Date : 2012 More...

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The Burning Buddha Man (2013)

There is an installment of Buddha statue thefts inside Kyoto. Beniko, a pricey class girl, gets the Buddha statue at her family`s temple stolen plus has her parents wiped out at the similar time. Beniko hears delight in Enju, her parents`friend, that a robbery collection notified SEADDATTHA is the solitary who wiped out her parents, plus feels the hard counsel as vengeance. Enju bequeaths Beniko to live also him given that she has no neighborhood to go. She wanders into Enju`s confidential cell plus meets an revolting person that appears admire a brew of her parents plus Buddha statue…

There is a series of Buddha statue thefts inside Kyoto. Beniko, a overpriced category girl, gets the Buddha More...

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