The Case of Fortune (2012)

Three producers are ascribed to a classified mission. They have to be compelled to force the motion picture of the inclusive thing movies. It the inclusive thing eliminates vicinity inside a geographical region that is well known of it`s freezing hell. The Case travels ended smoky hostelry lodge to suburban ghetto, where gangs are boxing given that the country to retail it to you booze, plus at last out derive pleasure the city limit, to the vast, open land. Through it`s journey, the Case is possessed inside separate routines by separate people, satisfactory plus bad. In the end, there lies just one and only question; was there a lot inside the Case? And, who gets the final laugh.
Three producers are arrogated to a hush hush mission. They have to be compelled to add the film of the entirety movies. It all…
Director : Risto Huovinen
Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Western
Cast : Derek Wang as Soccer Player Number 9, Saara Virrankari as Anastasia, Raimo Liiti as Federal Officer – Pirate Jack, Anja Mäkelä as Dancer, Elina Knuuttila as Dame Stoneface, Jori Huovinen as Salesman – One Man Orchestra – Intergalactic Ambassador, Jouni Salonen as Doorman, Pentti Mäkelä as Dancer, Tero Inha as Farmer – Drunken Sailor, Pauli Jeromaa as Igor – Gangster – Man of the Street – Charming Joe – Billy the Shit – Narrator Harri Hurske as Policeman – Arabian Tourist, Jukka Saari as Giant Joe, Essi Nieminen as Dame Sugarface, Janne Aare as Stoneface – Howling Owl, Jouni Salonen as Doorman, Sofia Lund as Barmaid, Jussi P. Kuusela as Fedja / Reverend / Sugarface / American Tourist, Funsho Folabi as Muscle Jack, Risto Huovinen as Vladimir – Inventor, Eila Kuusinen as Dancer
Run Time : 63 min
Country : Finland
Company : Kuvamusa
Release Date : 2012