Old Traditions (2012)

Chronicles the assassinations of a ritualistic hitman.
Director : Christoph Kositza
Genre : Crime, Horror, Thriller
Cast : Wade Gibb as Paul Dansworth, Brian Knox McGugan as Mr. Valentino, Robert Leaf as Judge Baskerville, Jason Vaisvila as The Gun Runner, Seann Sheriland as Mr. Strathcourt, Denise Stauffer as Isabella, Rick Harkness as Bishop, Jesse Grant Hallam as Squeegee man, Ebby Mohseni as Witness #1, Tomislav Pejic as Chanbers, Jason Liesch as Tasker, Christian Bower as Georgie, Devon Baker as Mary Anne, David Mohr as Danial Winters, Nigel Falk as The Hitman, David Torres as Witness #2, Jane Hancock as Annoying Lady, Chris Valagio as Duke Ferrara
Run Time : 70 min
Country : Canada
Release Date : 2012

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