Mother Nature (2012)

A father furthermore lad countenance leisurely vicious, improper furthermore surreal harassment on a jaunt to the barren region of eastern Washington. This is modern-day grown grown woman vanished camping, obligated to judge existence inside the various primal of spots – himself – furthermore notice that existence not at all comes alone.
A father also male child set off into the forests of Northern America on a camping misstep barely to hold that their efforts at civility are fetched unsleeping at at the start plus confrontation also afterward hostility.
Director : Johan Liedgren
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Cast : Phillip Roebuck as Father Shawn Belyea as Dark Man Elliot Liedgren as Son Petra Wright as Wife Karina Deyko as Nymph Curtis Eastwood as Redneck Father, Felix Liedgren as Redneck son 2, Devin Martha Rodger as Redneck Wife, Paul Teergarden-Nash as Redneck son 1
Run Time : 90 min
Country : USA
Release Date : 2012

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